Back To the Nineties.

Nineties was the era, or suffice to say, the last era of simplicity. I don’t intend to critique the present generation in any way as that would be deviating from the main topic.

The idiot box

Television, especially in India, was trying to expand through various broadcasting networks, during the 90s. Dish antenna was unheard of, and there used to be a monthly argument with the cable operators, regarding bad reception of some channels. The most sublime moment was asking the operators to play our favorite movies on their private channel. This was a time before torrents, and I remember my excitement when I first watched SpiderMan movie on television (via this separate channel). There were quite a few great TV shows at our disposal, as well. The time slots had been divided effectively among various age-groups though. 

Mornings were for the elders and their devotional programs. 

Afternoons were for homemakers. 

Evenings were for kids and teenagers, who used to watch music programs or cartoons. 

Nights were for families, when everyone enjoyed wholesome shows.

The small soldiers

Children could be found outside in the evenings; playing, fighting, quarreling, consoling, laughing, running, falling, and getting bruises along with their friends. Applying cotton balls dabbed with dettol, on the cuts, used to be an experience which cannot be expressed in words.

The immortal ring

In all this kerfuffle, suddenly, you could hear a loud “Tring- Tring”. It was the telephone, popularly known as ‘landline’, which was a commonality for the entire family members. People used to wait for their calls…and it used to be exciting.

 “Line is dead!” is an extinct phrase which was quite common those days.

The wrap-up

There were only a few news channels, and they used to deliver reports which were not dramatized. 

Video games in the shape of Mario, Contra, and others had entered the life of kids.

Mall culture was in development, but had not been realized completely. Shouting at the top of your voices in a crowded grocery store, to make your presence felt, was a daily routine.

Internet was not a necessity. 

Organic socializing was preferred over virtual.

Smartphones were yet to invented. 

Cricket matches were not so frequent, but when it happened, it used to be a big event.

TV was entertaining and informative. Censorship was lenient. 

People with knowledge on topics used to voice their opinion on matters that they knew about.

Hatred was not so evident, and difference in opinion used to be more than welcome.

Those were the simpler times. Wish it had stayed the same.

So, how was it to grow in the 90s?

To summarize in one sentence: 

“Things were cheap, and relationships were valued.”

Lost Children of the Millennium

In the year 2001, the percentage of population under the age of 21 in India was found to be 47.9% (Census of India, 2001). As far as total size of Indian population is concerned, this is a huge number. It also needs to be noticed that this census had come a little over a decade after the Indian economy had opened up to the world market. Globalization brought with itself a resurgence of hope. Money started flowing in. With such a huge number of young population, rapid growth seemed feasible. Terms such as “90s generation” and “The millennium children” were thrust upon the oblivious kids born during that period. Hopes were high, and it was not impractical. After all, a young population means more energy, more enthusiasm, more creativity, and more innovation. Sixteen years later, however, all those high hopes seem to have been lost in obscurity. The “generation next” has, sadly, become the most misguided one.


Rupak De Chowdhuri | Reuters ||

Back in 2000s, landline phone used to be a prized possession for the few families who were fortunate enough to buy it. Slowly, influx of technology in our life started taking dominance and in about fifteen years it changed the whole society, directly or indirectly. The rise in telecommunication has been unprecedented. As per the records, “the smartphone user base in India crossed 300 million in 2016” (Gadgets 360, 2017). Simultaneously, there has been an overall expansion in the number of people having access to internet as well. Statistics suggests that “the number of mobile internet users in India reached 371 million by June 2016, and is on track to cross 500 million users by 2017.” (Neha Alawadhi, 2016). The number is indeed huge. With such an easy access to smartphones and internet, people have the ability to reach out to the world with the tip of their fingers. As is the case with any technology, smartphones also brought with itself a plethora of problems.
Advancements in internet led to a rise in the number of social-networking sites. What was supposed to be a platform for reaching out to our friends and families took a whole different turn when people, primarily the young population, started getting addicted to it. Development and modifications in mobile sector brought new varieties of apps to keep people engaged. Enhancements were done in cameras, particularly the front camera, leading to the foundation of selfie. Young people suddenly found too much power in their hand. They wanted to let the world know about their day-to-day life. They started craving for more attention. Ironically, the social networking sites which were made to reach out to people, ultimately, made them more distant to the actual physical social ties. Almost every day people can be seen coming to restaurants or coffee houses with the ulterior motive of hanging out with their loved ones, but end up spending time looking at their mobiles screens. The fundamental beauty of communication has somewhere been broken. Situation has reached to a point where the elderly have started struggling to learn these new gadgets, so as to keep up with the fast paced world and find a mode of communication with their children. Even toddlers can be seen fidgeting with their parent’s mobiles; unlocking the phone and playing games. It is disheartening to see that the feel of falling and hurting oneself is fading out among the kids. Playing games in a virtual world would never make one realize the beauty of breathlessness after running around with mortal friends.
Technology has given a voice to almost everyone. Gone are the days when only a selected panel of journalists used to pen their opinion in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, even people with no knowledge of a particular topic give their piece of mind confidently. For instance, the demonetization step taken by the government of India led some people, having no prior knowledge of economics or finance, to comment: “The Prime-Minister has done a commendable job.” or “The Prime-Minister has taken a faulty step”. The big question here is: Do the people in support or against have any concrete reason or theory to support their claim? Opinions are supposed to be backed by a proper logic, and not pure sentiments. This can be said for almost every single issue happening in our country. Whether it is religious, regionalism, crime, Kashmir, or art and culture, people (mostly youngsters) find a way to outrage without properly researching about it. This vast conundrum of negligence among the masses will most certainly leave the country in utter chaos. Opinionated for the sake of it is never a healthy sign.
The present era can be termed as the era of excess. The movies, the superhero franchises, and the reality T.V shows are just a few examples. Trending has become such a craze among the current generation that they go to the extent of making idiotic videos of themselves. People share these clips among themselves so as to mock the person in the video. However, they are quite naïve to the fact that the person who has made the video is the true winner here. The joke is on the people. Another misplaced sense of proving how one is different from the rest is by voicing against a popular opinion. Take any movie forums, for example, there would always be a section of people who feel elated to comment any widely loved movie as over-rated. Undoubtedly, different opinions should be encouraged but making hollow comments to show superiority is highly demeaning to the craft. Art should be respected and debated, but not blindly bashed.
A popular topic prevailing among the youth is passion. Rags to riches stories of some pioneers in Silicon Valley, movie industries, art and culture, sports, and politics have made a lot of them to fall blindly into the rabbit hole of dreams. Passion and ambition is not wrong. After all these are the traits which give a person reason to fight and survive in this world. At the same time, following something one is not talented enough for can be disastrous. The notion that 9-5 jobs are monotonous and sad is highly misplaced. There are many people who are content, secured and live a happy life doing that job. Corporate job never means that a stopper would be put on the creativity side of people. There are abundant things to learn there as well if one really puts oneself to testing waters.
There is no denying the fact that the youth of today are crippled with innumerable issues. Most of them are forced to choose a particular career. They unknowingly get pushed into the rat race. The level of dependency on parents or someone elder is so high that their legs start shaking when the time comes to take the big, monumental step on their own. They find themselves in the darkness. Indecisiveness has crept in the young society. Technology has certainly made our work easier. Blaming technological advancements alone for the current scenario would be unfair. However, one cannot deny its repercussions. Too much reliance on technology has made people inefficient to put in an extra amount of labour. Almost everyone in the 21-30 age bracket are dissatisfied with their life. All the negative comments are direct result of this mindset. There is jealousy and this has taken the shape of hatred. A brigade is formed which are more interested in selfies than enjoying the true beauty of the world. Knowledge is acquired through internet feeds rather than books and newspaper. Mediocrity is prevalent. The entire situation is worrisome, and sadly, everyone, including you and me, are responsible for it. The young population has the potential. It needs to be tapped before it gets exhausted. And this can only be done when dissatisfaction, jealousy, hatred and mediocrity are replaced with resilience, admiration, deliberation and excellence.



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Last week I went for a Hindi movie, Aligarh. The movie is inspired from the life of Dr Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras. He was a Marathi professor in Aligarh Muslim University but was sacked when a video of him having gay-intercourse surfaced.


Manoj Bajpai plays the character of Prof. Siras and oh! with such elan and class. His dialogue delivery, quite desperation and eyes filled with river of emotions never for a second makes you feel that this is the same guy who had played the malicious, womanizer and revengeful Sardar Khan in Gangs of Wasseypur. And that’s where an actor wins. When an actor is known by his character and not by his name. He is very well supported by another talented actor, Rajkumar Yadav.

So, why does it make an Indian sad?

To say the least, the audience. Here is what the people around me were speaking in between some scenes of the movie:

The beginning scene where Prof. Siras’ house is shown from outside for roughly five minutes.

Comments: Pssst…Yaar kya bore kar raha hai….uff (Geez! why they are boring us with this scene!)

There is a scene where Prof Siras enjoys his whisky alone while listening(at the same time murmuring the lyrics) to Lata Mangeshkar’s song:”Aapki Nazron ne Samjha

Comments: Kya yaar…ab isko gaate hue kyu dikha ra hai? (Why man! Why are they showing him singing the song?)

In one scene Prof Siras says how he hates his emotions being confined to the three letter word,Gay.

Comments: Huh…ok!

These are just a few of the many comments which people were passing throughout the movie. Only they didn’t realise that the house signified the imprisonment of the poor guy from the wicked world, once his privacy was sabotaged in that very house. The song was his elixir which liberated his troubled soul from all the worries of the world even if it would have been for a few seconds. Homosexuality was his sexual orientation and he felt violated when this  was narrowed down to a three letter word.

Oh! I forgot to mention one important detail :

I watched this movie in a multiplex where it is assumed that the audience is sophisticated and capable of reasoning. God, I had so misunderstood!

But people did seem excited at some places. For instance, when a love making scene between a guy and a girl on terrace was cut to homosexual love making scene, people were laughing and enjoying. Because hey, a gay make-out scene is  freakishly funny!

Also, towards the end of the movie, the screen throws a trivia stating that theSupreme Court of India has upheld section 377, thereby criminalizing homosexual activity. To this one “funny” guy told his friend to keep his hands away from him or else they will be jailed. Both started laughing fanatically.

So much for broad-mindedness.

What I find weird here is that this is the same audience who say Indian movies have no standard. These are the same people who loathe Shah Rukh Khan saying he has degraded nowadays. These are the same people who went ecstatic over Leonardo Di Caprio’s maiden Oscar win.

If such treatment is given to a class movie like Aligarh then why should anyone dare to make a strong movie? Why should SRK waste his energy when he knows people just like to see him shake his leg and romancing with girls half his age and not electrifying villages?

We love Leo,right? So proud that he won, aren’t we?But was The Revenant an entertaining movie? No!

The Revenant was a very slow movie with very few dialogues. Same goes with other masterpieces like The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, Interstellar,Inception, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Imitation Games, The Theory Of Everything and many more. Aren’t these our favorite movies? So, either we are so downright double -standard people that we fail to recognize the gems of our own country or we are simply those who love the imported products in order to shine our status in public.

Aligarh was a  tragic movie which ends on a sad note but people were hardly moved. A guy next to me said to his friend-“Third-class movie!”.Besides, people were busy making their way out. After all,the exit doors are open for few milliseconds!

End result: A movie so strong in both its story-telling, narration, direction and acting failed to impress anyone…well mostly.

I agree everyone has their own opinion. Forcing everyone to like a particular movie is downright stupidity. But when you hear a collective outburst against such a nice movie, one does feel very sad. Truly speaking,the scenario of Indian movies are never going to change. We won’t let it change.

In the end I would just say that Aligarh was not about preaching about Gay-rights or moral values. It was more about a person living through his troubled times with a glass of whisky and Lata Mangeshkar songs as his only solace.

So if you just want to sit back and laugh at every gay references or have a misplaced sense of “Dostana” expectation from this movie then please don’t watch it or even take trouble of downloading it!



I was never pampered as a kid which I am pretty sure my 14 year old self would not take very positively. Since my father used to be mostly away for work and my sister was pursuing her education from Delhi, a major chuck of my teenage days at home was spent with only my mother. She made me do all sorts of errands like buying vegetables,milk,eggs,groceries etc. So, yeah in a way she made me a little worldly-wise. But that’s frivolous. Most of us have ended up doing these “duties” one time or the other. Its the little thing which our parents do(in this case, mother) that latches to our characteristics forever.

For me, one such trait which I acquired from my mother will be:

“An obsessive, compulsive and desperate need for tea, three times a day!”

Winding back the clock a good ten years back, there used to be a maid in our house whose name to this day I am not aware of for we used to call her “Munchan ki Ma”(Mother of Munchan). See, it is a nomenclature for addressing people used widely by people in North India especially Bihar.

My mother loves tea and she always used to prepare it while the maid was on the verge of completing her work so that she can have a company whilst enjoying the aromatic beverage. Now, my mother has a habit of preparing everything extra. So, whenever the cups couldn’t take any more of the tea, she used to pull out an extra one and give me half of it along with a bread.

Time passed and months turned into years. The half tea turned to full and biscuits substituted bread. So much so that I eventually learned to make tea. My mother stepped down from “tea department” and passed the baton to my resourceful hands. I became the official tea-maker of the family.

A day comes in everyone’s life when one has to step out of the house. Its been five years since I moved out of the house for studies and job but whenever I go home on vacations, I immediately resume the duty of a tea-maker. In a way it is also funny because when I come back from the holidays,the first thing my mother says is-“I miss your tea!”

Maybe,its the tea which is holding a mother and a son together.

I don’t fail to relate this story to anyone who starts questioning my passionate love for tea. To some people I am even a tea-addict. But I am okay with it for whenever I drink tea, I always remember the person responsible for this addiction.

To the 14 year old me, all this will be a piece of mindless crap. Well, maybe he will understand the innocence of it 10 years later…

My Tea-Dealer:


This is the my most cherished photograph with my mother. Though, I look like an idiot eating away pieces of cake!

I am pretty sure I won’t live a day after I stop having tea…so yeah my chances of forgetting her is almost zero…Love you truly, mother!


The sudden bursting of crackers reminiscent of the parade of platoons made me jump and look at the time. It was 12 :00 and its the NEW YEAR 2016.  



I could hear people going crazy, shouting and celebrating as if challenging the dead silence of the night. Somewhere, people are singing songs on a karaoke  which miraculously penetrates its way through all this cheering and noises.The phone is constantly buzzing with WhatsApp notifications and the following sentence took me a while to write as some loud cracker shook my concentration. The involuntary motion of my fingers opened a new tab -“Facebook” and the message “Happy New Year Nikhil” shows up which made me feel that the Facebook people truly consider me important. The Google doodle also welcomed the New Year in what I must admit, cute fashion.

So, where exactly am I amidst all this jubilation?

Well, if a word could justly define, it has to be “alone”. My roommate is away to meet his parents so its basically me sitting on the bean bag feeling quite pathetic about how dull this new year has started for me. So alone in this small flat that I can actually hear the silence quite distinctly. The friends who used to take all kinds of promises like “Not leaving each other” or “Always be there for you” have drifted so far apart. While people may assert this sudden change in their attitudes as disloyalty, I would just say its maturity.

What a pathetic mess!

But New Year is not supposed to be sad. After all the prefix
“Happy” is almost subconsciously added to New Year,isn’t it?

Still the question lingers:

So, where exactly am I amidst all this jubilation?

Well, the reminder set by the crackers made me a little excited. I went to the terrace to watch the charcoal black sky brighten up with wonderful crackers. It is one of those plenty sights which one should never miss. Especially when you are all alone, this visual delight becomes all the more relevant. All the brightness seems to caress you with the gentle wind whispering to you-“Hey you not all alone!”

I come down and my roommate calls me up in the good old-fashioned way to wish me “Happy New Year” reasserting my faith in friendship,however small this act may seem. I call up my mother and she breaks the”HELLO” stereotype with “Happy New Year”. My father is well,asleep. So, probably I will wish him in the morning. I ask the silence to stop talking so as to listen to the karaoke. God they sound so pleasant.

Bangalore is known for its traffic miseries. Everyday I see a kerfuffle…people always in a hurry. But this jubilation just makes me smile. People enjoying these little moments. So wonderful!

Its well past an hour since the New Year now. The karaoke has stopped and crackers have bid their goodbye. Silence is still waiting outside my door. But I won’t let him in. I turn off my net. I just can’t stand that constant buzzing.Being a music lover, I am playing the songs which are in my playlist (mix of Hindi and English songs). I am having soft drink (the pack of which ironically screams “PARTY!”)and chips. I have put FRIENDS on my laptop  which I will watch in just a few moments…maybe followed by a nice movie.

Back when I was a kid, my mother used to say-“If you study in New Year, you will study for the rest of the year and do good in your studies!” And Here I am writing, thing which I love the most. So, if my “Mother’s Postulate” holds true then I may well write a lot this year.

So, being alone on a New Year is not the worst thing afterall. I enjoyed with the crackers. I kissed the soft drink. I eavesdropped on the neighbors karaoke.I grooved to the music I like. I will watch shows and movies which I am so passionate about. And I am writing all these experiences down.

And this pretty much sums up how I celebrated the New Year


This is how I enjoyed my New Year alone!









Through this journey of life..I often wonder what kind of person it has made me..

Like everyone I started as the good kid off the block but the actions and conducts draped with ego and misplaced sets of principles has made me a bad person. If I ask people narrowed down to my friends and families..all will say quite synchronously..”No he is a good Guy”..But I know the truth.

Evilness comes in various shapes and sizes quite often like a venomous snake..sneaking under the covers and biting you at the precise moment of your unawareness..and that is the type of evil snake I have become. Beneath the tardy cloak of goodness lies a much tough and impenetrable jacket of evilness.

People most often wouldn’t care writing their own eulogy and that maybe makes me fall into a better class of evil. But none is born is one of those superb characteristic of our mother’s womb that quite miraculously shields us from this fascinating negativity! You see evilness is created..monsters are raised..devils are sculpted.

Obviously my childhood wasn’t a tale of a prince. But it wasn’t very bad either. But in this era of economics and profits and technology no one gives a damn about the pieces which when arranged together like a puzzle would give a very dull picture of your useless tale! People like stories which touch the subtleties of hardships,pain,failures and exploitation and god I have bunch of them.

My parents are wonderful people and you know that I am speaking the truth. They tried to tend to my basic necessities but they too afterall aren’t gods. Many of their decisions needed me to make sacrifice.What are they? oh you wouldn’t be interested in that. But those sacrifices made me.I wrapped  my insecurities in my introversion…never letting anyone to even to poke this gigantic bubble. This was the reason why I was too happy when they decided to send me to a far-off place for my higher studies.

Every evil person has a certain weak point and I am no exception to it. I care for people. When and how it germinated inside me,I have no clue. Yes,I care for people. A person who always has a solution to problems. My evilness hit its lowest point when I offered my shoulder to let people cry upon. Ah,those stains..they just refuse to go. And what it gave me? nothing. I ain’t a philanthropist. I want people to acknowledge my helping hand. But they just..don’t. I owe them for they are the catalyst in my process of being evil.

I never saw love in my home.…it was supposed to enter this memoir as a third dimension. I can’t express love..but still I have loved. And it has only rendered me hopeless and defeated. I have sacrificed my love and one particular girl…everytime when I see her…reminds of my failure. These depressive sorts…the more you run from them,the more out of breath you feel. People expect you to make compromises..well thank you, very much!..oh how I despise these “couples” knowing I am never gonna be one like them!

The experiences you face in life mould you. People look upto me when they want to get entertained but no one bothers to even call me up and say “hey!” I guess being a loner is a prerequisite of evilness.

So there you are…oblivious of a happy childhood…berated in love and a pinch of loneliness has made me a cold,calculative,unpredictable evil..I am that river which once tried to flow with care, love and emotions but now has become all frozen..frozen by all this evilness.

Through this journey of life…I often wonder what kind of person it has made me…

Guess..You have got your answer by now!


A prisoner in a prison

Within this confinement of the classroom’s barrage,

I feel like a prisoner forced to feed on the rusted knowledge.

Serving the tenure of my parent’s hopeful fictionalities,

My soul seems lost in the labyrinth of disparities.

I try looking out of the lone solitary window…

To see a world free from this shadow.

I want to run away but my bones are so tied to the bench..

And the obtuse jailer’s teachings are making me so drenched!

These last years of my redemption,

I see many of my ‘jail-mates’ placed away with salutation.

A darkness has dawned upon me…

The path ahead seems a quagmire to me.

The hopes of the intimate looms back to haunt me,

Destiny seems false as a copper to me.

Still..I hold on to the lone window-sill,

And wish for the hopes to refill.

I want to catch a glimpse of sunlight again,

To rejuvenate this tarnished soul of mine in pain.

Oh! how I want to stand atop this hillock of hopes,

And cry aloud till my conscious moans!

I hope to break out of this sill..

And become a runaway…forever still.




Sometimes while looking at the mirror a reflection dawns upon us which is not just our physical appearance. It’s not always our lips, our hair, our face or our eyes that we see. Its much deeper than that. Its our soul that we catch a glimpse of. Its a simple equation: Man can run away from love,believe,truth,passions but never quite from his own self. This notorious piece of instrument can show all the tarnish and dirt that are slowly decaying our soul. Quite an unpleasant sight,indeed!





A few days back I sat for the very first company of my life and got rejected in the first round itself. Things would have stood quite normal at their respective places had it not been my close friends who not only cleared the first hurdle but ended up getting the job. It’s a natural instinct in human beings to get jealous and uncomfortable seeing other people succeed, most importantly people closest to you!





Sadly, I looked at myself at the goddamn mirror and saw a stooped failed figure, staring right back at me. It pointed at me in disgust. It laughed at me! It mocked at me and showed how my friends had outshone me and made a fool out of me.
It reflected upon me how I had dashed the hopes of my parents and people close to me.
So convincing were the words of this image that I started to hate my successful friends and most importantly myself.



My parents started filling me with the encouraging words of “wisdom” ;told me to never lose hope. My sister motivated me and tried to cheer me up. Some of my close friends gave me prospects of a bright future and “persuaded” me to believe in myself. Naturally, I discarded them. I preferred to sit in delirium within the confinements of my room, refusing to interact with anyone. Before I knew, this figure started to straighten up day by day. The virus that this spirit had unleashed upon my soul had started to eat it up. My soul had been contaminated with hatred,disgust,jealousy and spite. Yes, I was turning to a filth!


Suddenly, something strange happened one day!
Maybe,it was the turn of events or the twist of fate, I realized that the spirit I was staring was the devil himself, growing stronger with all the negativeness I was imbibing. My hatred was making it stand. My disgust was filling it with blood.My jealousy was making it healthy. My spite was making it real.
I was scared! That was not me! I was never like that! How could I have been so mean?




I decided not to make this thing any more strong.The words of my parents,sister and friends echoed in my ears.
The priceless experience taught by my parents started to break its spine. Yes, afterall it was just my first company..many more possibilities lay ahead. The cheerfulness of my sister’s stories brought the smile back on my lips. This new surge in my spirit sucked the strength out from the devil. The motivation and love of my friends rekindled my passion and made the evil spirit crawl back to its dark cave!


I am determined once again..I will rise…I will be victorious…I will not let the faith of my parents,sister and friends die..Life will give me more opportunities. Maybe,I will succeed in some.Maybe I will fail in some. But it is going to make me more stronger.




Failure is that sour potion that makes success taste even more sweet!



Dedicated to:
My Parents (Experience counts!).
My Sister (“It’s not the end of the world!”..sure!).
The Two Lovely Ladies ( “Gorgeous” your crackle won’t go waste and “Trance” you will always be my good-luck charm!).
The Fat and The lanky ( awesomeness is unbeatable!).



If someone has lived in India or have been in any way associated with this great nation,they must be well acquainted with “Bollywood“. We are emotionally and obsessively bonded to our colourful cinema industry.It isn’t shocking to see people actually believing in the stories that is potrayed on the 70mm screen,indeed!


Quite often I wonder the way “love” and “romance” is portrayed in Indian films. The crux of every movie lies in:

Two people coming together..falling in love..their parents objecting..their mission to impress the parents and Bam! the elders get convinced and before you know..the movie has offered you a ‘Happy Ending’!

But does that really happen? How accurate is this magnanimous portrayal of love?


I can’t help but relate two incidents that happened with two women quite intimate to me:

The First incident is of a girl who is academically very gifted and has quite often made me feel that she stands on the pedestal of ‘women empowerment and independence’. Anyway,she falls in love with a French guy.Such deep-seated their love becomes that they start thinking about marriage.Alas,the love “waves” hit solid rocks when the girl’s parents come to know about this.The parents of the girl were considered by many as post-modern for letting their daughter study and support her through every desires of hers. Hardly did the poor lady know that her desires came with limitations. She was not allowed to love and marry. She tried convincing her parents but to no effect. Somehow “foreigners”  are not to be trusted when it comes to marriage.The melodramas weren’t a surprise. Tears flowed from both the sides. The girl’s father refused to talk stating how she had made her parents’ heads go deep into the ground in front of the ever-judging “society”. Months passed…things did cool down a bit. But the relationship between the girl and her parents soured. The cold-blood between them became inevitable


Next incident is of this girl who fell for a boy who was not “international” like the former one..but belonged to a different caste which according to our society is an “alien” concept (21st century,Who Cares?!). Now, the most amazing thing about this scenario was her brother-in-law who came to know of this little secret of hers.What followed next was even more disgusting. He blackmailed to break this secret to her parents and virtually end her truly bright career. Sadly, the accusations made on the poor,beautiful girl’s “purity” and “dignity” proved too much.She eventually had to break-up with the guy rendering her heartbroken and traumatized.


These cases I experienced had a great impact on me.I either directly or indirectly got involved in both of them.Sadly enough no bollywood movie tries and explore this dark side of our society. No,doesn’t even come close to it! Its a bitter reality that we still are living in this modern post-independent world without breaking the shell of our age-old dogmas. We try to inculcate modernism superficially.We brag about women-empowerment by quoting examples of the likes of Kalpana Chawla,Saina Nehwal etc. but deep down we are sexist where a guy goofing around with women is termed “stud” while a girl doing so is easily termed a “s**t“.


I don’t need to preach about what is right and what not..what should be done and what shouldn’t be…that’s the “spiritual gurus” department! What I really want to say is that I “salute” the enthusiasm of the orthodox society of ours who are carrying the baton of “moral values” and “self-righteous” for others to follow. Kudos to them!   

I hope we keep on mocking the essence of love with the filth of obnoxious and preposterous customs and believes. Afterall when we have “moral guardians” to guide us then emotion and compassion hardly hold any relevance. And as it is, who can carry “love” and “labour” for it when it is already a “lost” battle!


RattLe YoUr Heads Mister!!


Movies do shape our character even if it is 1percent. We have to admit that we do put ourselves in the protagonist or the antagonist shoe after watching a particular movie. Here, are 10 movies in no particular order that made me jump off the edge of the seat and quite naturally gave me WTF moments!







Ok! how would you feel if you get to know that the person behind causing havoc in the entire city is actually a fragment of your imagination? How would you react when you get to know that the person you believed to be the co-founder of your insane club that gives a whole lot of frustrated people a chance break the shackles never existed at all?! This David Fincher  movie takes you deep into the life of an insomniac( Edward Norton) who meets a certain mysterious Tyler Durden   (Brad Pitt) only to leave you awestruck towards the end. This fast-track movie, needless to say has become a classic with some awesome screenplay and equally relevant dialogues.





This movie almost two decades old still fascinates the first-time watchers. Starring Tim Robbins and the ever gracious Morgan Freeman in the lead, this Frank Darabont movie showcases the life in a prison with a whole different angle.With “Hope” being the central theme,this film also juggles with the corrupt system,friendship,struggles,harassment and honesty existing in the very periphery of a prison. Watch out for its cinematic genius and the nerve-wrecking climax!





 This was before we knew Christian Bale as the Dark-Knight. Well it seems before he donned the dual life of Bruce Wayne,this guy was a psycho serial-killer,banker or was he? American Psycho takes you on a juggernaut ride of the sadist life of Patrick Bateman only to leave out stranded alone towards the end. Directed by Mary Harron, you may find this ride disturbing. Nevertheless, you would still end up applauding the courageous screenplay and efficient acting by Bale.







“Which would be worse? To live as a Monster or die as a good man?” Confused?                         Believe me I still am! This closing credits dialogue made the movie wide open all over again.   Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo in the lead as the Marshals who are trying to investigate the disappearance of a patient from the mental asylum in shutter island, this movie once again brings out the genius of the legend Martin Scorsese. One may  believe it  to be a smooth sailing movie until suffering a jolt in the stomach once it is revealed that DiCaprio is a patient himself! Was he or was he not? Try finding out yourself. Good Luck!




You have to watch it yourself to understand the whole concept of  pshycology, sex and delinquency through the perspective of Alex (Malcom Mcdowell). It is a tough movie to watch. Disturbing in certain respects but still the effort of Stanley Kubrick is laudable.






So you thought our Professor X is caring and kind? Brace youself..cause he’s not! This 2013 movie is quite new to the list. Starring James McAvoy in the lead as the Detective Sergeant aspiring to be the Detective Inspector who takes up the case of a young Asian’s murder but at the same time is struggling with his marriage(?).Directed by John S.Baird this Scottish movie has a lot to offer. Riding on the waves of sex,jealousy,envy and alcoholism, watch it for its fresh screenplay and brilliant acting of McAvoy ( especially the scene where he describes Scotland.epic.)






An expected entry! An ensemble cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Watanabe,Ellen Page and Joseph Gordan-Levitt in the lead, the movie explores the concept of dream within a dream within a dream,simply put INCEPTION. With unbelievable visual effects and screenplay, the movie is carried forward on the efficient shoulders of Christopher Nolan who as as expected brings a twist towards the end.





Was Travis Bickle an evil or a hero? Was he an accidental hero? Was he really romantic? or Was he just insane? These are quite a few questions you are bound to ask yourself once you watch this movie. With the ever celebrated Martin Scorsese and Robert Di Niro pair in the reckoning, you just can’t miss this classic! With some brilliant dialogues and scenes,this one will surely leave a long lasting impression on you.







How would it be if the whole life-cycle is reversed? Strange isn’t it? But it isn’t once you come to know it is Brad Pitt whose life is reversed. Directed by David Fincher, the movie stars Pitt and Cate Blanchett in the lead. Watch it for its excellent story-telling and imagination.






“I see dead people”

One of the most famous dialogues in the movie history, it literally explained the whole movie only that you didn’t realise at that moment! A  M.Night Shyamalan movie,the film features Bruce Wilis and Haley Joel Osment in the lead. A movie that would keep you engrossed throughout its nearly two hours run. Watch it for the unexpected climax!







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