The sudden bursting of crackers reminiscent of the parade of platoons made me jump and look at the time. It was 12 :00 and its the NEW YEAR 2016.  



I could hear people going crazy, shouting and celebrating as if challenging the dead silence of the night. Somewhere, people are singing songs on a karaoke  which miraculously penetrates its way through all this cheering and noises.The phone is constantly buzzing with WhatsApp notifications and the following sentence took me a while to write as some loud cracker shook my concentration. The involuntary motion of my fingers opened a new tab -“Facebook” and the message “Happy New Year Nikhil” shows up which made me feel that the Facebook people truly consider me important. The Google doodle also welcomed the New Year in what I must admit, cute fashion.

So, where exactly am I amidst all this jubilation?

Well, if a word could justly define, it has to be “alone”. My roommate is away to meet his parents so its basically me sitting on the bean bag feeling quite pathetic about how dull this new year has started for me. So alone in this small flat that I can actually hear the silence quite distinctly. The friends who used to take all kinds of promises like “Not leaving each other” or “Always be there for you” have drifted so far apart. While people may assert this sudden change in their attitudes as disloyalty, I would just say its maturity.

What a pathetic mess!

But New Year is not supposed to be sad. After all the prefix
“Happy” is almost subconsciously added to New Year,isn’t it?

Still the question lingers:

So, where exactly am I amidst all this jubilation?

Well, the reminder set by the crackers made me a little excited. I went to the terrace to watch the charcoal black sky brighten up with wonderful crackers. It is one of those plenty sights which one should never miss. Especially when you are all alone, this visual delight becomes all the more relevant. All the brightness seems to caress you with the gentle wind whispering to you-“Hey you not all alone!”

I come down and my roommate calls me up in the good old-fashioned way to wish me “Happy New Year” reasserting my faith in friendship,however small this act may seem. I call up my mother and she breaks the”HELLO” stereotype with “Happy New Year”. My father is well,asleep. So, probably I will wish him in the morning. I ask the silence to stop talking so as to listen to the karaoke. God they sound so pleasant.

Bangalore is known for its traffic miseries. Everyday I see a kerfuffle…people always in a hurry. But this jubilation just makes me smile. People enjoying these little moments. So wonderful!

Its well past an hour since the New Year now. The karaoke has stopped and crackers have bid their goodbye. Silence is still waiting outside my door. But I won’t let him in. I turn off my net. I just can’t stand that constant buzzing.Being a music lover, I am playing the songs which are in my playlist (mix of Hindi and English songs). I am having soft drink (the pack of which ironically screams “PARTY!”)and chips. I have put FRIENDS on my laptop  which I will watch in just a few moments…maybe followed by a nice movie.

Back when I was a kid, my mother used to say-“If you study in New Year, you will study for the rest of the year and do good in your studies!” And Here I am writing, thing which I love the most. So, if my “Mother’s Postulate” holds true then I may well write a lot this year.

So, being alone on a New Year is not the worst thing afterall. I enjoyed with the crackers. I kissed the soft drink. I eavesdropped on the neighbors karaoke.I grooved to the music I like. I will watch shows and movies which I am so passionate about. And I am writing all these experiences down.

And this pretty much sums up how I celebrated the New Year


This is how I enjoyed my New Year alone!