I was never pampered as a kid which I am pretty sure my 14 year old self would not take very positively. Since my father used to be mostly away for work and my sister was pursuing her education from Delhi, a major chuck of my teenage days at home was spent with only my mother. She made me do all sorts of errands like buying vegetables,milk,eggs,groceries etc. So, yeah in a way she made me a little worldly-wise. But that’s frivolous. Most of us have ended up doing these “duties” one time or the other. Its the little thing which our parents do(in this case, mother) that latches to our characteristics forever.

For me, one such trait which I acquired from my mother will be:

“An obsessive, compulsive and desperate need for tea, three times a day!”

Winding back the clock a good ten years back, there used to be a maid in our house whose name to this day I am not aware of for we used to call her “Munchan ki Ma”(Mother of Munchan). See, it is a nomenclature for addressing people used widely by people in North India especially Bihar.

My mother loves tea and she always used to prepare it while the maid was on the verge of completing her work so that she can have a company whilst enjoying the aromatic beverage. Now, my mother has a habit of preparing everything extra. So, whenever the cups couldn’t take any more of the tea, she used to pull out an extra one and give me half of it along with a bread.

Time passed and months turned into years. The half tea turned to full and biscuits substituted bread. So much so that I eventually learned to make tea. My mother stepped down from “tea department” and passed the baton to my resourceful hands. I became the official tea-maker of the family.

A day comes in everyone’s life when one has to step out of the house. Its been five years since I moved out of the house for studies and job but whenever I go home on vacations, I immediately resume the duty of a tea-maker. In a way it is also funny because when I come back from the holidays,the first thing my mother says is-“I miss your tea!”

Maybe,its the tea which is holding a mother and a son together.

I don’t fail to relate this story to anyone who starts questioning my passionate love for tea. To some people I am even a tea-addict. But I am okay with it for whenever I drink tea, I always remember the person responsible for this addiction.

To the 14 year old me, all this will be a piece of mindless crap. Well, maybe he will understand the innocence of it 10 years later…

My Tea-Dealer:


This is the my most cherished photograph with my mother. Though, I look like an idiot eating away pieces of cake!

I am pretty sure I won’t live a day after I stop having tea…so yeah my chances of forgetting her is almost zero…Love you truly, mother!


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