RattLe YoUr Heads Mister!!


Movies do shape our character even if it is 1percent. We have to admit that we do put ourselves in the protagonist or the antagonist shoe after watching a particular movie. Here, are 10 movies in no particular order that made me jump off the edge of the seat and quite naturally gave me WTF moments!







Ok! how would you feel if you get to know that the person behind causing havoc in the entire city is actually a fragment of your imagination? How would you react when you get to know that the person you believed to be the co-founder of your insane club that gives a whole lot of frustrated people a chance break the shackles never existed at all?! This David Fincher  movie takes you deep into the life of an insomniac( Edward Norton) who meets a certain mysterious Tyler Durden   (Brad Pitt) only to leave you awestruck towards the end. This fast-track movie, needless to say has become a classic with some awesome screenplay and equally relevant dialogues.





This movie almost two decades old still fascinates the first-time watchers. Starring Tim Robbins and the ever gracious Morgan Freeman in the lead, this Frank Darabont movie showcases the life in a prison with a whole different angle.With “Hope” being the central theme,this film also juggles with the corrupt system,friendship,struggles,harassment and honesty existing in the very periphery of a prison. Watch out for its cinematic genius and the nerve-wrecking climax!





 This was before we knew Christian Bale as the Dark-Knight. Well it seems before he donned the dual life of Bruce Wayne,this guy was a psycho serial-killer,banker or was he? American Psycho takes you on a juggernaut ride of the sadist life of Patrick Bateman only to leave out stranded alone towards the end. Directed by Mary Harron, you may find this ride disturbing. Nevertheless, you would still end up applauding the courageous screenplay and efficient acting by Bale.







“Which would be worse? To live as a Monster or die as a good man?” Confused?                         Believe me I still am! This closing credits dialogue made the movie wide open all over again.   Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo in the lead as the Marshals who are trying to investigate the disappearance of a patient from the mental asylum in shutter island, this movie once again brings out the genius of the legend Martin Scorsese. One may  believe it  to be a smooth sailing movie until suffering a jolt in the stomach once it is revealed that DiCaprio is a patient himself! Was he or was he not? Try finding out yourself. Good Luck!




You have to watch it yourself to understand the whole concept of  pshycology, sex and delinquency through the perspective of Alex (Malcom Mcdowell). It is a tough movie to watch. Disturbing in certain respects but still the effort of Stanley Kubrick is laudable.






So you thought our Professor X is caring and kind? Brace youself..cause he’s not! This 2013 movie is quite new to the list. Starring James McAvoy in the lead as the Detective Sergeant aspiring to be the Detective Inspector who takes up the case of a young Asian’s murder but at the same time is struggling with his marriage(?).Directed by John S.Baird this Scottish movie has a lot to offer. Riding on the waves of sex,jealousy,envy and alcoholism, watch it for its fresh screenplay and brilliant acting of McAvoy ( especially the scene where he describes Scotland.epic.)






An expected entry! An ensemble cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Watanabe,Ellen Page and Joseph Gordan-Levitt in the lead, the movie explores the concept of dream within a dream within a dream,simply put INCEPTION. With unbelievable visual effects and screenplay, the movie is carried forward on the efficient shoulders of Christopher Nolan who as as expected brings a twist towards the end.





Was Travis Bickle an evil or a hero? Was he an accidental hero? Was he really romantic? or Was he just insane? These are quite a few questions you are bound to ask yourself once you watch this movie. With the ever celebrated Martin Scorsese and Robert Di Niro pair in the reckoning, you just can’t miss this classic! With some brilliant dialogues and scenes,this one will surely leave a long lasting impression on you.







How would it be if the whole life-cycle is reversed? Strange isn’t it? But it isn’t once you come to know it is Brad Pitt whose life is reversed. Directed by David Fincher, the movie stars Pitt and Cate Blanchett in the lead. Watch it for its excellent story-telling and imagination.






“I see dead people”

One of the most famous dialogues in the movie history, it literally explained the whole movie only that you didn’t realise at that moment! A  M.Night Shyamalan movie,the film features Bruce Wilis and Haley Joel Osment in the lead. A movie that would keep you engrossed throughout its nearly two hours run. Watch it for the unexpected climax!







'01 - fave 2














A World Before Facebook!

fW0Ko A few days back I went to my friend’s room to get the new episode of Game of Thrones! What I saw there made me freeze for a second or two! He was watching  WWF (world wrestling federation). There was the young gigantic Undertaker taking down the 9th wonder,Chyna and the game,Triple H. Needless to say, I forgot all about Khaleesi and instead opted for the Deadman. Watching it seemed so refreshing! It was like reliving my past when I sat with my group of friends to watch this bizarre game and believed every bit of the story that was told in the game. Such was our devotion towards it that we used to play its trump game(the echo of constant “clash” still rings in my ears).

Childhood was not only confined to WWF or Trump Games…There were innumerable other items as well on the list which made our childhood “awesome“. Yes, this was the time which preceded XBox or facebook or smartphones or Instagram or LED Tv or 3D or doraemon or Ipods etc.

                                                          YES! This was the 90s!!


Ours is a cricket-loving nation. Back then when we were kids, television with a cable-connection was a big thing! So naturally,somebody possessing it was our “master of the universe”. Everyone used to gather around that one ‘god-sent‘ idiot-box whenever the match of our nation was on. God! nothing can beat the feeling when Sachin used to hit a six and equally painful was the sentiment when he used to get out on a duck.



Shaktiman! Its always got to be Shaktiman! Nobody touched our life like he did. His quest against Samrat Kilvis was enough to send chills across our spine. But, disney held a special place in our heart as well. Mickey,Donald &co. were the nicest guys we knew of. Powerpuff Girls and Dexter were our buddies. Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, He-Man were our idols and joining the Justice League was our fantasy.



Dubstep..Skrillex..what’s that? We were happy with our own brand of pop-stars. Silk-Route,Falguni Pathak were next big thing. And if you listened Backstreet Boys or Linkin Park..OMG.. you were cool. It was the time of undiluted music, cassettes and tape-recorders. Walkman was the coolest thing. Nobody had imagined mp3 players or ipods.



Postman was our Internet…Pithoo,Vish-Amrit was our game..Watching a movie meant standing in queue for endless hours and braving yourself to get a ticket finally..phew!…friends were made “offline”..trailers of new movies and music videos were meant to be watched on MTV (youtube? Is that a even a name?)…K, hmmm,XoXo,BTW were the language alien to us!

Who ever thought someday we would become so frustrated to make friends that we’ll have to resort to social networking sites? Who ever thought that the scale of smartness and hotness will be reduced to how well you have instagramed your pics? Who ever thought that temple run would be more relevant than “chor-police” or “I-spy”? who ever thought that the innocence of mickey mouse and donald duck would be robbed by the likes of Shinchan and haggemaru?


sigh.. confusion_11cropped

Afterall we were just a bunch of kids who believed telephone was just meant to connect people and not to be fooled around. We were just a bunch of kids who believed hanging around with our friends was the most sublime thing in life. We were just a bunch of kids who clicked photos as a token of memory. We were just a bunch of kids whose most prized-possession used to be comic-books and not i-pads or i-phones…..Afterall we were just a bunch of “innocent kids, yet to be abducted by technology!”

Oh! how I wish that technology becomes kind enough to take us back to the nostalgia tunnel from this present drain..even if it is for a moment! images


“I am  a man who walks alone..and when I’m walking a dark road at night or strolling through the park…when light begins to change I sometimes feel a little strange…a little anxious when it’s dark…Fear Of The Dark..Fear Of The Dark!


When I was 16,this was the first metal song I heard.Like everyone I also discarded it and rubbished it as ‘just scream,less substance’.
But somehow I came back for it..maybe its the power of Iron Maiden or the power of metal..it can crawl into you irrespective of whatever mood you are in..it bites and stings you at those areas where it hurts the most but you come out even more empowered and confident.

So once I went back to the ‘maidens’,I never returned. Instead I went on exploring for more. The path shown by The Iron Maidens took me to a whole new different universe.You know metal is just like a funfare..kids get lost at the glitz and brightness of the fare..too many shops,all diverse in nature..they want to buy and explore everything. Same thing happened to me..only difference being..this was a dark and somber fare..here was the rollercoaster ride for “highway to hell” and “breaking The law” was allowed…here was “the master of puppets” and “the tornado of souls” was a common sight! 

The excavation of metal continued and after going through every pieces I finally admitted that this was it.Heavy metal,thrash,alternative,glam,Nu were the subgenres I finalised.But then I came to college and made friends with quite a few fellow metalheads…funny thing about us metalheads is that seeing another metalhead in the crowd excites us…devil horn is the handshake for us,headbanging is the waltz and black is the symbol.

Slowly I discovered other genres of metal.Starting with Death metal, I met Black metal,viking metal,progressive,technical death,shock metal,brutal death,depressive metal…phewww! guess socializing with new metal subgenres would never end.

Its been 7 years now,still I feel that I’ve a whole lot of metal to sip. And thats the beauty of this form of music. It has uniqueness,boldness,courage,madness and creativity.Metal is not just screaming..it actually screams out the effort and dedication put in the song
Right now while I am writing this..some band is being created..some band is writing,playing,strumming something which is going to change their life…

Metal’s beauty lies in the fact that you can’t convince someone to like it..you either embrace it or discard it.
Rob Zombie once said in an interview-“Metal fans are the one who make metal so true..means I have never met a guy saying..hey i liked slayer one summer..its like if you are a slayer fan,you will always remain a slayer fan” 

How true is that! Once I was listening to ‘in my time of need’ by opeth…and my friend was like…dude!its such a nice song…before he could comment anything else i played ‘deliverence’..opeth again….the guy flinched…I enlightened him that both songs are of the same artist….I still remember his expression. People can sometimes be so stereotyped!


So this is my experience with Metal…and its ongoing…I don’t know when it will end..and i sure don’t want it to…I love how metal surprises me with every new song..The riffs,the solos,the beats,the bass raises the hair at the back of my neck every time…
And as I said earlier,while I am writing this,some band has most probably completed its song,some band has created the most complex riff…some band has produced the next petrucci…and these bands has most certainly saved metal from dying. 


 No reasons! I just love SLAYER!

There’s one quote which I saw long time back scribbled in my father’s diary and it has kind of stuck to me ever since…it went like-
“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people believe that you are a fool than to open it and clear all their doubts!”