A prisoner in a prison

Within this confinement of the classroom’s barrage,

I feel like a prisoner forced to feed on the rusted knowledge.

Serving the tenure of my parent’s hopeful fictionalities,

My soul seems lost in the labyrinth of disparities.

I try looking out of the lone solitary window…

To see a world free from this shadow.

I want to run away but my bones are so tied to the bench..

And the obtuse jailer’s teachings are making me so drenched!

These last years of my redemption,

I see many of my ‘jail-mates’ placed away with salutation.

A darkness has dawned upon me…

The path ahead seems a quagmire to me.

The hopes of the intimate looms back to haunt me,

Destiny seems false as a copper to me.

Still..I hold on to the lone window-sill,

And wish for the hopes to refill.

I want to catch a glimpse of sunlight again,

To rejuvenate this tarnished soul of mine in pain.

Oh! how I want to stand atop this hillock of hopes,

And cry aloud till my body moans!

I hope to break out of this sill..

And become a runaway…forever still.